Monday, May 2, 2011

Mashup Monday: Chris Giuliano aka CGC - Rolling In Beautician (Adele vs. Dillon Francis)

Another mashup, another bright new face. This one has been heralded as a very fresh new way to do mashups by others, including myself, around the internet. Where many DJ's choose to simply mix and match according to the BPM and tone, this one seems to go the extra mile by not just matching two songs perfectly, but also doing so in a way that gives the vocalist (Adele) a fresh new look within the scope of a different beat genre. She's out of her normal element of R&B and tossed into the allegedly unfriendly confines of an electronic world. However, as CGC proves with his work on this one, she can do just fine there, too! This mashup is amazing, IMO, and deserves a prominent place in your music catalog. Check it out! (And check out Chris's Soundcloud page HERE if you get a chance.)

1 comment:

  1. this is so sick! this remix is unbeatable