Thursday, February 14, 2013

Say "I LOVE YOU" Music | Progressive House | Cazette - Weapon (Remixes)

I know it's late, and probably a little past most people's "bedtimes," but that won't stop me from giving the night owls out there (myself included) a little head start and some momentum coming out of Hump Day. In fact, let's just go ahead and call this my little Valentine's Day gift to all those of you who visit the site every day, who come and listen and share in the music that I and so many others have come to grow and love. This will be, in effect, my Valentine's Day thank you to EDM - I love you!

We will start off with the original mix of Cazzette's Weapon, which you will see soon fits quite nicely into the Valentine's Day aesthetic this post has going on. While 2013 promises to mark the end of an era, with the Swedish House Mafia earmarking Ultra Music Festival as their final appearance together, at least there seems to be another group ready to accept the torch when it gets passed on. Cazzette, another DJ team (duo) hailing from Sweden, have been characterized by their use of a self-proclaimed "dub house" style: smooth synths and driving melodies, eventually complemented by unexpectedly aggressive drops. This style can at once relax you to the utmost, and then all of a sudden rip you out of your seat and make you want to dance as if nothing had ever been different. Weapon stays true to that strategy, opening with a simple synth, soon accompanied by soft, heartfelt female vocals, and finally adding a simple, soft-pounding progressive beat to complete the song. And, as the music video will show you, the theme of the day revolves around the heart...Happy Valentine's Day - enjoy!

Now that we've laid down the foundation for this Valentine's Day opener, we can get into the gritty, grimy stuff: the remixes. First up - and this should come as a surprise to no one given my frequent boasting of their talents - we have the Vicetone remix of Cazzette's track. This mix doesn't stray too, too far from the original, which is perfectly fine given the fact that we'd already established it was a winning recipe to begin with. That being said, if I were going to differentiate between the two and prepare you for what you're about to hear, I'd say that the original Cazzette mix has a "smoother" progressive sound, whereas this one resides somewhere in the "harder" progressive to electro house end of the spectrum. The drop is certainly more intense, and probably better suited to get you jumping in a big ballroom full of fellow, eager house-heads. Take a listen and see for yourself, though. I give you Weapon (Vicetone Remix):

Also, enjoy a free DIRECT DOWNLOAD of the remix and extended remix right here: Cazzette - Weapon (Vicetone Remixes)

Part three of this "Cazzette Spectacular" brings us to Headphaze, whose mix brings a very different sound to our ears. With a little change in tempo, some easier melodies, and an overall emphasis on the vocals, this is much closer to Cazzette's original as far as how "hard" it hits. However, while it may even be a little more relaxing in its entirety than the first two versions we've heard thus far, it still has a nice beat that drives it, letting you keep your feet moving should you so choose. Enjoy this Headphaze remix, and check out the DJ/producer duo at their Soundcloud or Facebook pages for more mixes and sounds!

[Free download here: Cazzette - Weapon (Headphaze Remix)

Last but not least, we have Teqq's remix, which starts out by using a piano roll to drive the melody instead of a synth. However, do not let that soft opening fool you - the drop on this one is very much so festival- or club-ready. I can't decide, since each of these mixes has a signature sound to it, compliments of the contributing DJ/producer, but this one is super catchy and might be my favorite of the bunch. Enjoy people, and don't go breaking any hearts or you might find yourself staring straight into the eyes of the vindictive little vixen in the music video!

Enjoy a free direct download of Teqq's remix here: Cazzette - Weapon (Teqq Remix)

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